Mod Monday – 30 June 2014

Post by Megg:

Happy Mod Monday!
Ready for our first themed meet-up? I was thinking since it’s the Penguin Cup and everyone will be sporting their teams colors anyways – we should make that our theme!
We will go online dressed in our team colors and play games upon games of soccer! Fun right?
Let’s meet at the Stadium at 1:30pm Penguin Standard Time. Here are the servers:
Have Fun and hope to see you there!

Music Jam 2014 Update!

This is a post by Megg:

I can’t believe it’s July 1 tomorrow, time is flying! First off, congrats to the Sharks for their epic win of the Penguin Cup. *claps*
Now for some awesome Music Jam news!
For those who asked to have nighttime in Club Penguin, you’re in luck! I’m extremely excited to announce that this party will have both day and night… for the first time in CP history! Like in the real world, we’ll have daytime and nighttime in some rooms of the party. Check it out:

Wait! There’s more – I’ve got my hands on the set list of performers for the party? Want to see? Who am I kidding, of course you do!

That’s right, Cadence and all 4 members of the Penguin Band will be walking around the island to party with everyone. This is the first full appearance from the PB in quite a while, so it’s super special!
We’ll also be hosting some special musical guests at the big festival, including Cole Plante, Zendaya, Violetta, and next month’s featured artist, Sabrina Carpenter! Stay tuned to the blog for an exclusive interview with Sabrina, too.
Music Jam starts on July 17. We’ll share some more sneak peeks over the next week.
What are your thoughts on the up coming Music Jam?


Penguin Cup, Winner Announced!

Aunt Arctic has just announced the Sharks have won the Penguin Cup!


Press “COLLECT” to claim the 2014 Penguin Cup Blue.

Screenshot_87~Cid Boy 4732

MVP Pin Location !

The new MVP pin is located at the Gold Mine !

Screenshot_83 Screenshot_84

~Cid Boy 4732

July 2014 Party Announcement

Post by Polo Field:

Some of you may have already heard about the party coming in July. Just in case you haven’t, here is the official announcement of MUSIC JAM :D *crowd cheering*
We’ve got some big plans — starting with some featured artists and awesome tunes! I won’t say who’ll be featured or what’s going to happen, just know it’ll be awesome.

Any guesses of what’s in store for this year’s Music Jam? Post them in the comments below!
~Cid boy 4732

Club Penguin Prom Cheats!

The Prom is on at the Club Penguin University!

Screenshot_11 Screenshot_12

Walk over to the ‘FREE’ stand and receive a free Graduation Hat!


Walk over to the Camera and receive a free School Dance Background!


~Cid Boy 4732

Furniture and Igloo Catalog June 2014 Cheats!

The new Club Penguin Cup themed Furniture and Igloo catalog is here!


Press the green chair highlighted to find the ‘Scoop Chair’.

Screenshot_8 Screenshot_9

Press the Multi-Ball to find the ‘Portal Box’.


~Cid Boy 4732

Orange Slice Pin Location !

The new Orange Slice pin is located in the Hidden lake which can be assessed via the Forest!

Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6

~Cid Boy 4732

Club Penguin Times Issue #451

We’re back! Just in time for the Penguin Cup too.

Aunt Arctic will be hosting the Club Penguin Sports Network!


Rockhopper’s ship talk below!


Upcoming events!


The Club Penguin Secrets!


~Cid Boy 4732

We’ll Be Back Soon

Hey Everyone! This is Limbolu & Cid Boy 4732, The owners of the blog. As you’ve noticed we haven’t been posting at all. Well both of us are very busy right now. We’re not quitting or anything but we’re just going to take a little while off. We’ll probably be back in June, or maybe even mid May.

See you guys then!

~Limbolu & Cid Boy



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